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Specializes in individual and small business tax preparation.  We have tax professionals who will listen to you, and understand that every client has different financial needs, and that every client requires customized service.  We work hard to ensure our clients receive the most from their refunds. We promise to deliver accuracy, attention to detail , and efficiency.

Your Tax Refund

When it comes to taxes, the first question we are often asked is, “Will I get a tax refund?” For the majority of our clients, that answer is YES! This good news leads almost immediately to the next question, “How quickly can I get my refund?”

For millions of Americans, your tax refund is the biggest paycheck you’ll receive all year! This means filing your taxes is the most important financial transaction. After 34 tax seasons, our Tax Preparers have some tips on what to do to get the maximum refund you deserve, and to get money early.

Tax Refund Timing

According to the IRS, most refunds are funded within 21 days of filing. This clock starts after the IRS begins processing tax returns for the year. However, this year new provisions included in the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (or PATH Act) impact certain tax return’s refund timing. For tax returns that contain the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and/or the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), the refunds be funded no earlier than February 15, 2017.

What is the PATH Act?

The PATH Act was passed into law in December of 2015 with a number of consumer benefits. It includes $620 billion in tax reductions for families and businesses, extending specific tax provisions, and includes elements designed to protect Americans against identity theft and tax fraud. This new law requires issuers of W2s and 1099-MISC and 1099-Rs to submit forms to the Social Security Administration by January 31 each year. It also gives the IRS more time to review returns with specific tax credits, like EITC and ACTC, and to compare W2 forms from employers against the individual tax return.

Refund Identity Theft

The PATH Act includes provisions to help combat identity theft and protect your tax refund. Last year, identity thieves affected 10 million taxpayers, stealing tax refund dollars from hardworking Americans. The IRS initiated a Security Summit last year to combat SIRF. Along with the new laws, the IRS will exercise new security measures to protect Americans.